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Joe Nimble WanderToes

Joe Nimble wanderToes

Joe Nimble wanderToes
Joe Nimble wanderToes
Joe Nimble wanderToes
Joe Nimble wanderToes

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Joe Nimble wanderToes Black


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Product description
With its rugged charm, wanderToes is a hiking boot that combines practical features with an attractive, unassuming design. The gusseted tongue keeps water and debris such as grit out of the boot, while a synthetic bumper at the front allows for toefreedom but protects your toes. The footbed is removable and consists of cushioning foam covered with Bioactive® fabric. The seams are heat-sealed to make the boot more water-resistant. PLEASE NOTE: the shoes are not waterproof. For very wet conditions we  recommend to use Dexshell socks:

Shaft height approx. 10,5 cm on size 6,5

Cowhide nappa leather water-repellent

Bioactive/textile heel

6mm Vibram® terrain rubber sole with cleats

0 mm

Standard fit

Removable 4 mm foam-cushion footbed

These shoes are not waterproof. They might be water-resistant in the beginning, but over time this feature deteriorates in all shoes.

Please note that in order to avoid stains on the shoe upper the soles are not glued all the way to the edge. The soles are therefore properly glued, and the small gap at the edge of the sole is not a manufacturing defect. With use the gap may become more obvious because the sole of the barefoot shoe is flexible. However, it doesn't mean that the sole is deattaching, there is no loss of function and therefore these cases are not considered as claims.

Please note that we sell these shoes in Finland only.

Mahdollisesti paras pj-vaelluskenkä. Joe Nimble on huippulaadukas merkki ja wanderToes on Nimblen myydyin tuote. Käy hienosti joka vuodenaikaan.


Last width

Leg length


Removable insole

Mid-season, summer


Water resistance

1 kg(Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

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Mikaela S. verified buyer, 6.11.2022
Overall rating
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Wonderfully soft shoes that quickly mold to the foot. They were a little hard at first, but softened after a few uses. Have been used so far in the forest, in the city and in the playground in damp, autumn weather and have worked well everywhere. For my 25.6/9.8 cm foot, size 7.5 fits well. Makes you stay on your feet well with a thin sock and can fit a wool sock in between if necessary. Wandertoes 2.0 was also acquired, but for now these original ones are selected for the foot. It may be that on longer runs and/or in colder weather the 2.0 will work better, but time will tell.
Anonymous verified buyer, 27.9.2022
Overall rating
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The very best shoes! It works both on a hike, on a day trip, and in everyday use. When greased, they retain moisture well. The sole is comfortably thick even on a hard surface and the leather softens quickly in use. They are quite roomy for feet of normal width and height. It can fit a thick hiking sock or a wool sock, so you can go far into autumn with a felt insole, even for cold toes.
Anonymous verified buyer, 22.9.2022
Overall rating
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Good fit, wide toe box and very comfortable! Has resisted getting wet well and feels less slippery than expected on forest paths with wet stones and roots. After several months of use, I would like to add that these are my absolute favorite shoes. They are very comfortable to walk in and I can highly recommend these boots - they are well worth their price!
Anonymous verified buyer, 17.9.2022
Overall rating
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Perfect shoes, comfortable, soft, inconspicuous. I walk on these every day. Comfortably supports the ankle.
Anonymous verified buyer, 23.8.2022
Overall rating
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I wouldn't want to wear any other shoes, they are so soft and comfortable. The only drawback is the insoles, which are already starting to show wear at the heel
Anonymous verified buyer, 15.8.2022
Overall rating
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Really good for many types of weather. And really comfortable when they've been in use for a while. These are always good to walk on!
Anonymous verified buyer, 9.8.2022
Overall rating
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So far the best shoes I own. A small minus is that it was difficult to find the right size, but this could also just be my own inexperience.
Jussi N. verified buyer, 3.8.2022
Overall rating
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I tried many shoes on the spot, these were definitely the most comfortable for my feet. Now, after longer use, they are still my favorite, because the shoes are genuine leather, their maintenance is also easy. I recommend!
Anonymous verified buyer, 23.5.2022
Overall rating
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I have been looking for shoes for everyday use, light hiking and outdoor activities with children for a long time. These have been in use for a couple of months now and I am really happy with the purchase. I have a fairly wide last, but these have enough space in the width and feel really comfortable anyway. I took a slightly smaller size than normal and it fit. On wet surfaces and snow you need to be a little careful, they are a bit slippery.
Tiina K. verified buyer, 8.5.2022
Overall rating
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Awesome footwear on forest trails and dare to move around this city as well. The initial stiffness was lost in use and the shoes are very comfortable to wear. Keeps feet dry even in damp terrain.
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